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Testing Dynamics 365 Finance Database Movement API with Postman

Microsoft provides a versioned set of capabilities that you can currently use to copy databases between environments, and to list and download database backups.

what you can do with Database movement API so far:

  • List database backups
  • Create database refresh
  • Create a database export
  • Get operation activity status

More supported actions will be added in later releases.

The endpoint uses impersonation authentication base, please follow to register a new application by using the Azure portal

1. Postman environment setup

Open Postman -> manage environments -> Add

tenant_id: {tenant_id get from AAD}
client_id: {get from the application that you have created before}
client_secret: {get from the application that you have created before}
username: {LCS user name with owner permission}
password: {LCS user password}
grant_type: password
projectId: {Your LCS Project ID}
bearerToken: {this will be populated when authentication}

Postman environment setup

2. Authentication with Postman

You get the authentication bearer with POST method and{{tenant_id}}/oauth2/token endpoint.

In the request Body, please do following:

Authentication with Postman

Click Send, and you will have access token to start using the API.


3. Cosnume the APIs with Postman

To call the Database Movement API, you attach the access token as a bearer token to the authorization header in your HTTP request. So in Postman, modify the headers tab like bellow

Authorization:Bearer {{bearerToken}}


3.1. List database backups


And we’ll get a JSON with a list of the DB backups on our LCS Asset Library:

"DatabaseAssets": [
"Id": "12314234-862e-4a6a-800d-0c64e982284a",
"ProjectId": 123123,
"OrganizationId": 123124,
"Name": "backup",
"FileName": "ATbackup.bacpac",
"FileDescription": "",
"FileLocation": "******",
"ModifiedDateTime": "2020-08-17T09:52:50.077",
"CreatedDateTime": "2020-08-17T09:52:45.297",
"CreatedByName": null,
"ModifiedByName": null
"IsSuccess": true,
"OperationActivityId": "5053e0dd-66e3-4832-a9f8-1e2d621562e1",
"ErrorMessage": null,
"VersionEOL": "9999-12-31T23:59:59.9999999"

3.2. Create database refresh


"IsSuccess": true,
"OperationActivityId": "55eb4327-9346-4c7b-82bd-fe8ef15112c6",
"ErrorMessage": null,
"VersionEOL": "9999-12-31T23:59:59.9999999"

3.3. Create a database export


"IsSuccess": true,
"OperationActivityId": "55eb4327-9346-4c7b-82bd-fe8ef15112c6",
"ErrorMessage": null,
"VersionEOL": "9999-12-31T23:59:59.9999999"

3.4. Get operation activity status


"IsSuccess": true,
"OperationActivityId": "6a90b45f-1764-4077-b924-3f4671540237",
"ErrorMessage": null,
"VersionEOL": "9999-12-31T23:59:59.9999999",
"ProjectId": "12345",
"EnvironmentId": "5362377c-bc37-4f92-b30e-fe0c1e664cc0",
"ActivityId": "55eb4327-9346-4c7b-82bd-fe8ef15112c6",
"CompletionDate": null,
"OperationStatus": "InProgress"