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Add new fields to data entity or composite entity Dynamics 365

Let's take a composite entity SalesOrderV3Entity as an example.


I will need to add new fields to Sales order header that can be used in the composite entity SalesOrderV3Entity. the composite entity SalesOrderV3Entity uses a standard data entity SalesOrderHeaderV2Entity for sales order header; so, we need to extend SalesOrderHeaderV2Entity.

The Steps

  1. Add new fields to Main table SalesTable

  2. Add new fields to the entity SalesOrderHeaderV2Entity

  3. Add new fields to the staging table SalesOrderHeaderV2Staging

  4. Build and sync.

  5. Go to Workspaces -> Data Management -> Framework parameters -> Advanced entity configuration settings -> Refresh entity list.

    You can automate the Refresh entity list task here

  6. Go to Workspaces -> Data Management -> Data Entities, find SALES ORDER HEADERS V2 and Generate mapping for it. The new custom fields will be generated for the entity mapping.